Roku Tv setup in easy steps


Complete Process of Roku Activation Code


How can you add and remove channels from your Roku?


A Quick Guide to Roku Activation Code

If you are a Roku user, then you must be aware of the fact that before start using any of Roku device, it must be activated since it is an essential part of its setup. Without completing activation process, you will not be able to make your device work. For activating your device, you get […]


How can Linking Issues on Roku Players be fixed?

You will not be able to activate your Roku device until you will link it with your Roku account. This linking is necessary since your Roku account contains all the information related to the devices owned by you and the channels installed by you on your device. Your preferences and settings are also saved on […]


The Error of Roku Account Setup while using Guest Wi-fi


How to Remove Channels From the Roku Streaming Service?

With your Roku device, you can stream a massive range of channels that give you the access to a wide range of content. Watching the content of your choice anytime on Roku is very easy. But there are times when you don’t want to continue with a specific channel. You can remove the channels from […]



Setting up Spotify and HBO Go services on Roku Setup

Roku has the largest library of content all across the world. In this library there hundreds of channels providing this wonderful content. These channels include the channels of sports, news, music, tv shows, and movies. In these channels, there are two channels HBO GO and Spotify that provide you the best of the entertainment. With […]