Roku Tv setup in easy steps

Roku TV, which is also known as Smart TV, includes built-in apps and provides several services such as web browser, predefined games and much more. Roku tv offers more than 1000 channels and a massive range of videos, pictures, music and other content from both the Internet and your smartphone. The pre-defined radio station, music […]

Complete Process of Roku Activation Code

How can you add and remove channels from your Roku?

So, we are here again to guide you in knowing about adding and removing channels on your Roku device. Go to the option of add-remove channels. After the Roku activation process, adding and removing of the channels is the next step. There might be many of your favorite channels in the store that you might have […]

A Quick Guide to Roku Activation Code

How can Linking Issues on Roku Players be fixed?

You will not be able to activate your Roku device until you will link it with your Roku account. This linking is necessary since your Roku account contains all the information related to the devices owned by you and the channels installed by you on your device. Your preferences and settings are also saved on […]

The Error of Roku Account Setup while using Guest Wi-fi

How to Remove Channels From the Roku Streaming Service?

How can you find the credentials of Your Wireless Network on Roku device?

When you use your Roku device at home, then you will have to connect it to the home wireless network and for this, you have entered the name and password of your network. The Roku Setup scans all the available networks and presents a list in front of you in the order of the signal […]

How can you use More Ways to Watch feature on Roku TV?

There is an opt-in feature in your Roku Tv which is known as More Ways to Watch by which you can stream live broadcast shows from the starting, find full episodes missed by you, even you can discover the similar shows and movies along with watching the relevant ads. Roku help can be taken to get more […]

Setting up Spotify and HBO Go services on Roku Setup