How to Hard and Soft Reset the Roku?

The Roku streaming device is a powerful segment in terms of hardware as it has the ability to replace your cable TV and all in a pack of a box which is so portable that it can fit into your palm. But it is not necessary that it will operate perfectly all the time. It would have few glitches sometimes. There are many occasions where you face issues or get stuck while using Roku. There may be the times when your device can’t start properly.

Hard and Soft Reset the Roku

When you face problems with your Roku device, then the best solution is usually a soft reset. If it doesn’t fix the issues, then try a factory hard reset which usually works. Here’s a procedure to perform both Reset techniques:

Soft Reset

A soft reset is a method which simply restarts the Roku device without losing data or settings.

Using your Remote Control:

If your Roku device is unresponsive, then you can try to reset using the remote control by pressing the buttons in following ways:

  • Press the Home button 5 times
  • Press the Up button 1 time
  • And the Rewind button 2 times

This soft reset method will work on all Roku devices irrespective of their models.

From Menus

  • Go to Home screen, select “Settings” > “System” > “Power” > “System restart“.
    From Buttons
  • Search the “Reset” button on the back or bottom of your Roku device respectively. There are some models which require a paper-clip to press the button.
  • Press the button for at least few seconds, then release. Then, the Roku device should reset successfully.

If you have any query or you need assistance then call our Roku Link Activation Tech Support experts which will guide you thoroughly in an efficient manner. If you still face issues after Soft Reset and your Roku player still be same, then try to do Hard Reset by just follow the given instructions below:

Hard Reset

A hard reset is a complete solution for your freeze Roku as it will clear all the settings from the device and reset it to factory defaults.

From Menu

If your issue with Roku is not fixed by Soft Reset then a Hard Reset will only be the alternative. This will completely clear your all data, settings everything from the Roku and reset it to the factory default settings.

Go to the Home screen, select the following options:

  • For some Roku devices: Go to the “Settings” > “System” > “Advanced system settings” > “Factory reset“.
  • For others Go to the “Settings” > “Factory reset” > “Factory reset” > “Yes“.

Using Button

  • First of all, remove all the cables connected to your Roku device except the Power cord.
  • Press and hold for few seconds the “Reset” button on the back or bottom of your Roku device continue about 20 seconds.
  • Few models will require a paper clip to press the button.
  • Hold the”Reset” button, then remove the Power cord from the back of the device.
  • Finally, release the”Reset” button, then plug in all the cords back into your Roku device.
  • The Roku should factory reset, and then walk you through the setup process again to access the Roku streaming player.

For more assistance, or you face any glitches in performing the Hard Reset and Soft Reset, then don’t feel hassle, share your issue directly with our highly dedicated and highly skilled Roku Setup Support team on our toll-free number @ 1877-818-8843.

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